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German-Chinese Bureau of Economic Research (GCB) | eCommerce in China – The Future Is Already Here

Publisher: PwC

Publication Date: 07/2017

Pages: 37

Categories: Industry Sectors

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“This report highlights nine trends, organised around three core themes, we see characterising the recent developments in China’s eCommerce market. The first theme, ‘new retail normal’, delves into the increasing maturity of businesses in using data analytics and omni-channel technologies to create a seamless consumer journey between online and of ine channels. The second theme, ‘content driven commerce’, discusses how brands and retailers are shifting from eCommerce as a transactional environment to incorporating social engagement and storytelling into the core of their customers’ digital experience. The nal theme, ‘new growth avenues’ highlights how eCommerce, social and emerging technologies are driving breakthrough growth opportunities across the food, luxury and sports retail categories.”

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