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For a deeper and more factual understanding of the economic relations between China, Germany and the world.

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“Changing into a negative list system does not necessarily guarantee an improved investment environment.”

» China Economic Bulletin 14

“Chinese interest in the German healthcare industry is driven by economic development and demographic change.”

» China Economic Bulletin 15

“The expectation that competition will fade out after the acquisition is not at all realistic.”

» China Economic Bulletin 16

“The transformation of the economy towards a ‘New Normal’ will lead to substantial adjustments towards more consumption.”

» China Economic Bulletin 10

“Implementing social security reforms is the key to a smooth transition to a consumption-based growth model.”

» China Economic Bulletin 11

“ ‘New Normal’ reforms need to address economic misalignments on both the demand and supply side.”

» China Economic Bulletin 12

“Diversifying imports and exports will decrease China’s vulnerability to external shocks.”

» China Economic Bulletin 13

“The logistics market in China is expected to continue double digit growth in the next 5 to 10 years.”

» China Economic Bulletin 6

“By 2020, China’s e-commerce market can surpass USD 1 trillion, which provides unprecedented opportunities for the logistics sector.”

» China Economic Bulletin 7

“3PL development is strongly encouraged by the state, which aims to develop China into a premium logistics hub.”

» China Economic Bulletin 8

“Container rail service will benefit from Beijing’s continued investment in high-speed passenger rail network.”

» China Economic Bulletin 9

“59% of the surveyed companies expect increasing profitability for 2014–2016 and only 26% a decrease.”

» China Economic Bulletin 2

“Companies continue to increase the allocation of resources to China in absolute numbers.”

» China Economic Bulletin 3

“Most executives are confident that the future of China’s economy is brighter than its past or present.”

» China Economic Bulletin 4

“Foreign companies are able to neutralize wage growth by raising productivity at similar rates.”

» China Economic Bulletin 5

Welcome to the German-Chinese Bureau of Economic Research

The German-Chinese Bureau of Economic Research (GCB) was established in 2013 to promote the understanding of the economic relations between China and Germany in an international context.

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