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German-Chinese Bureau of Economic Research (GCB) | About

Research on the Economic Relations between China, Germany and the World

The German-Chinese Bureau of Economic Research (GCB) was established in 2013 by the German-Chinese Business Association (DCW) to promote the understanding of the economic relations between China and Germany in an international context.

Our research aims to provide insights on the development of the Chinese economy and, in particular, on the trajectory of Chinese outbound and inbound investment. Equal attention is devoted to the analysis of international investment in China on the one hand and Chinese outbound investment on the other.

Independent – Impartial – Open-minded

GCB aims to raise the level of public discourse by providing sound research and analysis to the public, businesses, policymakers and the press. Our research is rooted in the principles of independent, impartial and open-minded inquiry.

Gateway to Information and Analysis

As a non-profit institute, we aim to disseminate research to a wide audience. We publish data and research results through our website, publications and events.

Our website features a digital library, which summarizes and links to a variety of freely accessible research by GCB, DCW and third parties.

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Only the latest publicly accessible entries of our E-Library are provided here. Become a DCW member or log in to get full access to the entire catalogue with currently about 200 entries.

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