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German-Chinese Bureau of Economic Research (GCB) | Ten Highlights of China’s Commercial Sector 2016

Publisher: Fung Business Intelligence Centre, China General Chamber of Commerce

Publication Date: 01/2016

Pages: 42

Categories: Industry Sectors

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1. Consumer market enters a “new normal”; consumption increasingly becomes a driver of growth
2. Government delivers multiple policies to support distribution sector development; due implementation is crucial
3. “Internet Plus” initiative drives e-commerce expansion; mobile commerce and rural e-commerce high on the agenda
4. Traditional retailers reinvent and upgrade; embracing “O2O” strategies becomes an industry consensus
5. Strategic partnerships in China’s commercial sector intensify; conglomerates with shared interests emerge
6. Exploring innovative business practices and new retail formats; differentiating offerings with a greater focus on experience
7. Cross-border e-commerce import businesses see rapid growth; new channels for commercial enterprises to transform and innovate
8. Express delivery sector enters a “new era of service”; new business models bring new opportunities
9. Mass dining receives increasing attention; technology helps boost the development of new businesses, such as groupbuying catering services and O2O food delivery
10. Better business regulations, better consumption environment

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